MJM Studio

Dreaming in colours borrowed from the ocean

I have always loved the ocean. It calms me. The sound of waves crashing down on the sand, and the salty breeze - it’s where I feel most alive. When I started MJM Studio, I knew I had to channel this love into my artwork. All my works feature bold colours and fluid lines that embody the beauty of the ocean and the freedom that it brings.

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Stay wild, ocean child.

Megan Jean May



Limited Edition Prints


"Beautiful prints that bring laid back living to any room"

London, UK

"Little details that create huge vibes."


"In love with the surfboard prints! I don't know if 'saltwatery' is a technical term, but I really think that's the vibe"

Los Angeles, USA

"The raddest beachy, salty, surfy vibes."

Los Angeles, USA